Morrison’s free mince trick

I was in Morrison’s the other day looking at the reduced section as I all ways do when I saw lots of packs of mince from £4 to £2 picking up 3 packs and getting the rest of my shopping I went and paid,  upon scanning my shopping through I noticed it said -£2 Morrison’s meat deal, it wasn’t until I looked at my receipt and packs of mince that I noticed that it’s usually 3 packs for £10 meaning they take £2 off so me buying 3 packs at £2 each ment it still took off the £2 for the deal so 3 packs of mince only cost me £4 meaning I got 1 free, I was pretty happy at this and now always seek this deal out now.

Free photo prints

Hi everyone
Thought I would post today about this fab app I stumbled across on facebook this morning, it’s called free prints, you go get 45 prints per month with a total of 500 a year for free,  all you have to pay is the postage which is £1.49 on first logging in you get 10 free prints with free postage too,  I ordered mine this morning and should take 4-8 days to arrive, you can find this app on the Android market, am unsure if you can get it on apple devices as I don’t own one.
Happy Tuesday all and happy free prints

Fresh food offers (straight from the horses mouth)

As you are all well aware by now, I love offers so I thought I would bring you some of the top offers I could find from lidl, aldi, Morrisons, Tesco, asda and sainsburys.







Frubes limited edition 9 x 40g 90p
-Munch bunch double up strawberry and banana yogurts 4x 50g 84p
-munch bunch fruit fromage fraud 6x 42g 79p
-nestle cheerios 600g £1.59






-Actavia strawberry yogurts 4x 125g £1.00
-Rachel’s organic fat free strawberry and rhubarb yoghurt 450g £1.00
-warburtons seeded sandwich thins x6 £1.00
– baby corn 175g £1.00
– baking potatos x4 60p
– easy peal oranges x6 £1.00
-fine green beans 200g £1.00


As you can see even if you are on a tight budget you could easily fill up your fridge with health bits and pieces and get some fresh meats too.
If their is any other offers please let me know.

Parenthood: It Doesn’t Get Easier

All though this isn’t a money saving post I think my self and a lot of people I know might like a read of this

The Waiting

There is this interesting phenomena that occurs about six months into your stint as a parent.

You’ll be sitting there, covered in spittup and running on the fumes of a microwaved cup of coffee that you made last Tuesday. You’ll reflect on the fact that you no longer bat an eye at the idea of eliminating your bowels in front of other people, and you’ll cry inside a little. The idea of going to the grocery store in three days sans infant crosses your mind, and your brain throws a modest party consisting of little more than day-old Walmart cupcakes and maybe a can of Tab. Just then the baby will poop again, and you will scorn the day you ever decided to introduce raisins into her diet.

As you sit there, taking in the great kingdom that is parenthood and wondering why you ever elected this lifestyle in the…

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Making your money go further

January is proven to be the longest month pay wise as we all got paid early in December, so it got me thinking how I could make what little money most of us have go further.
Morrisons have been impressing me in recent months and if any one read my post on the Cheapest Christmas dinner then you would have seen that they came out cheapest, we were in their recently and decided to have pulled pork for dinner,  I found a pork shoulder for a great price of £3.71, my other half found a great recipe for a rub and timings and it came out beautifully moist, we cook quite a lot so had most of the herbs and spices in the cupboard all ready. We served it with roast potatoes (potatoes I got from the reduced section for £1 from asda a few days previously) stuffing for 45p as they didn’t have the 12p one, broccoli we had in our fridge from the previous shop and carrots 1kg for 69p from Morrisons also,  total cost of dinner £5.97, the size of the joint meant we had loads left over which provided us with a pulled pork and stuffing baguette the next day for lunch and also a pulled pork and vegetable pasta for dinner. My advice would be to buy a slightly larger joint of meat so that you can use the left over in different ways.
Why not try it in a bun with home made chips
On a salad
In a wrap
In a jacket potato with some home made slaw.


To save money we also never buy fresh chicken breasts, we always buy frozen and having been an avid buyer or sainsburys ones for many months we discovered lidl ones, these by far are much better quality and do not shrink through water loss like we have found the sainsburys, Tesco and Morrisons ones do. We then just get them out in the morning and they do in many of our dishes we create, like pasta bake, fajitas, chicken wrapped in bacon, slow cooker casseroles and many more.
If you have any recipes you would like to share with me then please comment and let me know

My freebie challenge and how you can win it all.

Hi all, 
I was chatting to my other half earlier and decided to set my self a challenge, O2 and other companies seem to give away a lot of free stuff so what I thought is throughout 2015 I would see how much free stuff I could get and save it all up,  at the end of this year on the 10th of December I will run a simple competition on my blog and the winner will win all the goodies I have managed to get for free (UK only though as it will coat to much to ship it any where else) . All I ask you to do is follow my blog now so you will be kept informed of how the progress is going throughout the year and also how you can enter to be in with a chance of winning.
Thanks in advance if you do decide to follow my blog and my freebie journey.

The reduced section part 4- The bakery section

On to my favourite subject again,  the reduced section,  this time it is about the bakery section. I Love this section as it gives me a chance to fill up freezer with tasty treats that I might not otherwise buy.  I have seen all sorts of things in this section like bread,  crumpets,  breakfast muffins, muffins, rolls,  wraps, pitta bread,  Nann bread, these can all be frozen for another day and depending on what time of day you go I have seen them be put up for pennies. Also in this section will be cakes,  pies and deserts these can’t be frozen but could be used the next day depending on what it is. I was in Morrisons the other day after Christmas and found at least 70 boxes of mince pies for 9p each these can be frozen in the freezer and got out for another day. I have also brought crumpets for 5p a pack and frozen them for breakfast another day, I always have a frozen loaf of bread in my freezer as we go through so much so I usually get reduced bread for this.


Mountain buggy duet review

I have been meaning to write this post for a while about the mountain buggy duet we purchased in September. When looking at double buggies I think I had to be the fussiest person going, I had specific things I wanted out of my buggy,  as I do not drive it had to be easy to get on and off of busses, narrow enough to fit through shop doors when I’m out,  easy to move and push, light enough for me to put away and I wanted to have my baby facing me when she was little like I did with my first in her single pram.
This left me with 3 choices of prams
-The bugaboo donkey (hugely over priced, would have cost for my set up I needed just over £1000 and to wide for my needs)
-Baby jogger city mini double (I didn’t like the fact that the carrycot for the baby just sort of gets plonked in the seat, yes it would have faced me but I wanted the seat to come off not just be awkwardly stuck in the seat)
-And the pram I chose the Mountain buggy duet

Finding one of these bad boys to test was not easy going, mother care at the time didn’t stock them and even now they do don’t seem to have them on display to road test.
I’m the type of person who likes to try before she buys,  when I’m spending my hard earned cash on byand putting my children in it,  I want to make sure it’s of the right quality and also suited for my needs. I finially tracked down one to road test in this lovely shop in Oxford called the Oxford pram center, they were lovely and answered all my questions I had ask.

Getting my pram home I was excited to get it out of the box and put it all together,  I had also ordered the Joey tote bag to go on the side I wasn’t going to be using for a few more weeks as we got it before our second was born.


The Joey tote is well worth getting, it is a lovely handy space for shopping, your bag or soft toys as my little girl used to want to put in it and means you don’t have to walk around with an unused seat like a weirdo until your baby is born.
Now the set up of the pram is simple upon getting it out of the box, simply put the wheels on and go. Their is I dare say 1 major floor with this pram though and that is when it comes to putting on the carrycot, it’s badly designed and tricky to put on and if you miss Judge the fitting of the carrycot you will more than likely end up with a badly twisted, out of line and frankly broken hood on the seat that contains your toddler, we had this problem twice already so far and lucky the shop where we brought it from have been lovely and have replaced it both times for us.
The pram doesn’t come with a rain cover and this has to be brought seperatly and unless someone can correct me otherwise doesn’t fit the pram if you have a seat unit and a carrycot fitted on, this was recommended by the shop we brought it from though so I’m guessing this is the only one they do.
Apart from the above little negative points I just love this pram, it has plenty of storage space underneath, has 4 air tyres as standard and feels really sturdy and robust when pushing, and I love the fact I can still fit on the bus with this when I need to. The straps for my toddler are really easy to adjust, the seats also lay compleatly flat for when she needs a sleep if we are out too.
So just a quick run down on the good and bad points of the pram.


-Easy to push
-Parent facing carrycot for baby
-Seats lay flat
-Easy adjusting 3 point straps
-Safety double clip on the straps to prevent toddlers from escaping.
-4 air tyres as standard
-large shopping basket
-Seat can be taken off and Joey tote bag put on when only one seat needs to be used.
-fits through single shop door ways
-Easy to get on and off busses
-light weight
-Easy to put up and down.
-It is versitile and can be changed to suite your needs.
-Can attach a car seat or 2
-Easy to remove bumper bar

-Bad design for putting the carrycot on and off
-kick plate at the bottom is noisy when children kick it
-Rain cover has to be purchased separately
-Rain cover doesn’t fit properly if the carrycot is attached.

Duet on its own £499 at the moment at the Oxford pram center
Carrycot £126
Storm cover £40
Total price £665

Stars out of 5 **** (4) if they could fix or change the way the carrycot is fitted and the storm cover fitted the baby set up it would deffinatly be a 5 star rating from me. I love this pram and despite its few faults would still recommend it to any one with a new born and a toddler or 2 Toddlers.

** would just like to add at the bottom that upon looking at pictures of the pram I actually found that all along I had the carrycot in the wrong position, this was instructed by the shop and this is probably why the hood kept being knocked out of position,  I will try out the new found position today and then add on another bit to the end of this.

*** I have now fitted the carrycot Properly and it now feels and looks a lot better this now gets my updated **** 1/2 star rating